Safety Department Specialists, LLC (SDS) is a Trucking Industry focused Safety Consulting business based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

SDS LLC was started in April 2022 by two former co-workers who together have more than 50 years in combined experience in the transportation Industry.  Their expertise is wide-ranging across all Safety Department functions and regulations, especially (but not limited to) those concerning Hazardous Materials.


You know “inviting” someone in to check your work/department is never easy. Then when they find errors it’s even worse! Audits can be stressful and honestly, I was stressed. However, I learned very quickly that SDS were here to help, which made it a pleasant audit. They made great suggestions, and they really know regulations. They gave good, detailed explanations and examples. I’m glad I got to know them. Since the audit I have asked for their help/suggestions a few times. Great people to work with!

Safety Director ~80 Truck Fleet

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jonathan and Safety Department Specialists for several years. Their ability to assess and improve safety of an operation is excellent. Jonathan has real world experience in the trucking industry. This experience, combined with a unique way of effectively communicating with both safety teams and drivers, makes Safety Department Specialists a real asset for any trucking company. They are a results driven company with a track record to prove it.

VP of Compliance ~550 Truck Fleet

When we decided to make our trucking company grow, we knew we would need help with our safety program. We knew Jonathan was the guy to help us get in compliance, and we trust his guidance and knowledge. He's helped us secure customers, and I sleep better knowing we're compliant. I am looking forward to continuing doing business with Safety Department Specialists.

Fleet Owner ~2 Truck Fleet

The process of starting a trucking company and maintaining the necessary records is not an easy task. I've learned, rules and regulations change at a rapid pace. The reliability and guidance from Safety Department Specialists is unmatched. Their knowledge and ability to improve the company as a whole is a guarantee. They are considered an asset to our company and would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their business. We are looking forward to growing our business with the help from Jonathan and his team.

Business Manager - 10 Truck Fleet

If you are reading this and need help with your safety needs, do not hesitate to pick up the phone or send an email to Safety Department Specialist, in the long run, it is the most important thing you can do for your company and the safety of your drivers. Jonathan is great! As a Safety Manager hired to bring a company into compliance and "fix the issues", it can be a nerve racking experience. With Jonathan's help, it has been an exciting experience. He took the time to review our DQF files, D&A files, and has performed mock audits related to FMCSA and OSHA to make sure we are...

Safety Manager - 40 Truck Fleet

Put our knowledge to work for you!

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Founder Jonathan Burkert has had a decade of consistent reliable problem solving with the most pressing regulatory issues facing transportation companies. He has been a go-to person for drivers, other departments, outside agencies, and owners.  He developed, managed, and grew the entry level driving training program at a 4,000 truck fleet and then transitioned to Safety Training Administrator at a bulk HazMat Company where he was involved in all aspects of transportation safety. Driver onboarding and training, Accident reporting, Customer and Emergency Response training, IFTA, Taxes and Record Retention, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Managing Driver Files, FMCSA Data-Qs, Writing Corrective Action Plans, and much more. Since, he has been instrumental in creating new training programs, driving cultural change, rebuilding a safety department, implementing fleet-wide safety programs, coordinating, training, and managing new technology.  His most recent position was as the Director of Safety for a 120 power unit fleet.